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Milano Card

Grateful of a quick reply to this.

There is an online offer for the Milano Card until 11pm BST with free access to the rooftop of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and the Crypt of Leonardo.

They say it's a saving of 22 Euros while a 72-hour pass costs 19 Euros.

I will be flying into Malpensa and heading home from Bergamo.

Staying in the Navigli area and my only planned trip is to the San Siro.

Not adverse to getting around on foot.

Will the Milano Card cover the airport journeys?

And does this Milano Card offer look as good as it appears?

Thanks to all who respond.

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1. Re: Milano Card

"Grateful of a quick reply to this... does this Milano Card offer look as good as it appears?" - Quick reply is: no. You could have gotten a quicker answer by using the search box on the forum page. There are many posts on this forum about Milanocard - there are important information and experiences there that those considering Milano Card should read. Just use the search box on the forum page. Here it is [ MARCO premio MARCO MARCO Women TOZZI Women premio TOZZI TOZZI wOy6qHvcx ]. For example, one Tripadvisor member has observed: "As far as I can tell, none of the museums mentioned on the Milano Card are "free" unless you manage to snag one of *eight* that are given away each day to a limited number of attractions" [… ]. There are often many limiting and restrictive conditions to find even though something is stated to be "free". You will need to click and click and click all the way through to find out the "fine details" of what is initially advertised as "free". Reading other's experiences will help you...

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The Milanocard includes a card for travel on Milan's municipal ATM transport company services for unlimited travel within 24 hours or 48 hours, depending on which deal you buy. If that is the reason you want the Milanocard, you can buy the 24HR and 48HR tickets from ATM by themselves for €4.50 and €8.25 respectively (in fact most 24HR and 48HR tickets are bought this way - for some videos of how to validate as well as purchase Milan transport tickets, pictures and details of the various Milan transport ticket options, plus system network maps showing the "Urban Area Limit", I have all on one page ). These passes from Milan's municipal ATM transport company only allow for travel within the "Urban Fare Limit" of Milan city as shown by the grey-coloured area in the downloadable ATM Network Map here [ https:/…SchemaReteMetro.aspx ] - so not including Malpensa or Bergamo (thus the Milanocard will not cover transport to those destinations either), and in fact, you will see that even some extremities of the Metro network are not included.

Welcome to Milan.

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